Friday , 23 June 2017
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The International Fashion Watch (IFW) is Pakistan’s first International Portal which provides a comprehensive training and resource programs; The Grooming Academy, The Photography Academy, The Make-Up Academy and The Modeling Academy, for individuals seeking to enhance their skills. Through a series of in-depth courses, such as Runway Coaching, Photo Shoot Direction, Health & Wellness, Acting Essentials, Hair & Skin Care, Spirituality and Speech Enhancement, TFW aims to create a new generation of professionals who can lead International fashion industry nationally and in the global arena. Indeed it is IFW’s belief that Fashion, Makeup, Grooming, Photography and Modeling are often perceived as glamorous yet highly inaccessible and unpractical fields. Their mission is to help change this perception and establish the belief that such fields can be viable and lucrative careers.

IFW is led by model and entrepreneur and allowing students the chance to benefit from their expertise, exposure and guidance.

Courses at IFW span between a series of weeks and months. Indeed upon successful completion of a course at IFW, students will have a formal diploma and participate in their own fashion challenge, preparing them to meet with confidence and training the real-life trials they are likely to face as members of the fashion community.

With an initial focus on training and grooming within modelling, IFW will soon be expanding to encompass all further essential elements of the fashion industry in its curriculum. The eventual aim is to establish a complete fashion academy under one umbrella, which will produce the country’s next generation of models, stylists, make-up artists and fashion photographers.

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