Friday , 28 April 2017

Top Fashion Trends of 2016

With 2016 drawing to a close, it’s time to reflect on the fashion year that was. From statement sleeves to pyjama dressing, this year saw a range of trends that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Evolving street style to a new level, minimal casual wear went maximal in 2016 and we loved it. Bold and unexpected while simultaneously relaxed and nonchalant, 2016’s fashion trends have ticked all the sartorial boxes. Which of those trends will continue to tick boxes in 2017 you ask? Well, here’s the rundown on which trends deserve to keep their spots in your wardrobe for the new year and which you should retire or rework.

Top Fashion Trends of 2016


Ruffles and folds dominated the recent Spring/Summer 2017 runways, proving that they’re going to be huge in the new year. While the design feature has already grown quite popular in recent months, this trend is still at it’s beginning. Next year, you can expect way more from this style as it continues to grow. Fashion’s definition of ruffles will certainly no longer mean a dainty frill or slight wave at the hem. In 2017, it will mean unusual, unexpected and unmissable fabric manipulation. Not content with being contained to our clothes, this trend will also soon find its way to our footwear and bags.

Top Fashion Trends of 2016

While off-the-shoulder and bell styles continue to dominate the streets and shops, new shapes are joining the fray. Drop sleeves bring an element of relaxed and oversized styling to this statement trend and are perfect for layering. Tied sleeves work to maximise detail and take this look further into unchartered territories. As for split sleeves, well they’re predicted to be the new must-have style next year. Deconstructing and opening up traditional sleeves into new shapes, split styles offer a reinterpretation of this trend by taking away fabric instead of adding it.

Top Fashion Trends of 2016

Fashion feeds off the unexpected and will continue to embrace this modern layering trend well into the new year. While it may have kicked off in 2016 with a reincarnation of the ’90s slip dress and T-shirt, this trend has evolved into something else entirely. Blurring borders and boundaries, layering has taken an unexpected and exciting turn. Blending retro with modern, tailored with relaxed, and constantly deconstructing and reconstructing designs, the art of layering has become abstract yet beautiful. Fabrics that convey different styles are played off one another to create an entirely new one while long and loose silhouettes are wrapped up and bound by structured designs to create unique shapes.

Top Fashion Trends of 2016 Pleats-and-Plisse



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