Sunday , 30 April 2017

fashion ideas in melbourne

fashion ideas in melbourne

While many consider a luxury holiday to be a visit to a faraway land, there is a rising getaway trend that requires little to no travel at all. Known as a ‘staycation,’ travellers are opting to explore their own backyards before booking a vacation abroad.

With our busy work schedule, we thought a staycation would be the perfect way to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Skipping the long journey and exploring our beloved city of Melbourne, we realised we didn’t have to travel far at all to find our very own slice of paradise.

fashion ideas in melbourne fashion ideas in melbourne

Located in the heart of the theatre district and shopping precinct of Melbourne, this luxury 5-star hotel was not only an obvious choice in terms of it’s central and convenient location, but we also couldn’t go past the personal, boutique experience provided.

fashion ideas in melbourne



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