Sunday , 30 April 2017

new collection of 2016-17

 am a big believer in coordinating your outfit with your other half. I think that looking like you planned your outfits is super cute and a fun way to always look great together. When I say coordinate, I don’t mean being perfectly matchy-matchy. It needs to be in a subtle way that casually says, “We meant to do this.”

new collection of 2016-17

new collection of 2016-17
Stay within the same color palette- This is a simple way to look like you are coordinating with out having to try too hard.

new collection of 2016-17 new collection of 2016-17

Wear one item that is the same fabric to match back to each other- In our outfits here, we matched the suede in my skirt to the suede in his jacket. You can also do it with accessories if you don’t want to match in such a big way.
Stick with neutrals- You don’t want to come through wearing the same loud print. That just makes it too obvious! You want to stick to colors like black, brown, white or even some darker hues of navy, olive or burgundy.

new collection of 2016-17 new collection of 2016-17



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