Friday , 23 June 2017
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fashion week spring 2017

fashion week spring 2017
As I sat with friends watching the debate last night, I felt anxiety about the future of our country. Watching two presidential hopefuls argue over tax reform, immigration and racial profiling amongst petty insults and interruptions was discouraging to say the least. On a more personal level, I woke up this morning to the published commentary of Vogue and editors essentially bullying “bloggers” and I thought, if women can’t even support each other in a female-centric industry, then we really are screwed.

fashion week spring 2017

I’ve always felt the word “blogger” is reductive and non-descriptive of what I and many others like myself do. I am an entrepreneur, an influencer, a business woman…and yes, I have a blog too. It saddens me that a respected institution such as Vogue would insult bloggers and attempt to discourage young woman from forging their own career paths, by expressing themselves through what Vogue represents; personal style fashion.

I’ve always felt my “brand” to be slightly more commercial than high end, but that doesn’t mean I don’t aspire to work with Vogue one day. And on some level I get it; parading around for street style photographers outside a show may look silly to some, but this exchange between photographers, models, celebrities, editors and, yes, bloggers serves a necessary purpose in this industry. From a practical perspective, it provides content for websites like and from an artistic perspective provides a large platform for brands to display their most recent collections.

I’d like to give Vogue the benefit of the doubt here, and say that a few old-school editors representing an archaic mindset of the prestigious publication rattled off some thoughtless, bitter comments. Perhaps they’ll change their opinions after reading the responses of countless bloggers, followers, and readers alike who are firing back with their own opinions on who and what matters in our industry. I think it’s safe to say almost every designer, brand, and model in the fashion industry owes some of their success to the rise of social media and digital content. No one should be made to feel ashamed of that



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