New pajamas collection of 2016-17

New pajamas collection of 2016-17

From artfully tailored sweats to voluminous bohemian dresses and luxe-y flats, fashion has been kind to women this year. It seems like, finally, dressing comfortably doesn’t require dressing way, way down. The recent influx of fashion pajamas epitomizes this union of comfort and glamour. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen plenty of women rock full-on satin pajama sets and jumpsuits rendered in bold patterns and cut in silhouettes that really flatter. While these statement-making sets are a far cry from the T-shirt and boxer shorts you might actually wear to bed at night, there’s no denying that the trend is an improvement from the body-con dress + sky-high heels look that used to be the dressed-up go-to.

While you might find the occasional pajama set that’s nice enough to pass as real-life clothes, we recommend going for styles that are meant to be worn on the street. These ready-to-wear takes on satin pjs will have the structure (and lining) you need to feel like you’re wearing a proper outfit. Brands like Piamita and F.R.S. For Restless Sleepers specialize in making bedroom clothes for daytime wear, while high-street brands have caught onto the trend too. J.Crew’s recent collaboration with British brand Drake’s, for instance, is far too fancy to wear to bed. While these pieces have the vibe of men’s pajamas, they’ve got as much structure as your standard work blouse and trousers do.



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