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Aqua Fitness Classes From Coast to Coast 2016-2017

Aqua Fitness Classes From Coast to Coast 2016-2017

Summertime presents a paradox: the desire to streamline your body is at an all-time high, yet with temperatures sometimes reaching triple digits, the idea of exercising—and voluntarily sweating more than you need to—can be difficult to fathom. So why not choose a workout that will leave you feeling ready to conquer the beach, but also refreshed? Thanks to a wave of smart, high-intensity water aerobic classes across the country, working out has never seemed so cool. Grab your one-piece and dive in at these aquatic fitness destinations.
Aqua Fitness Classes From Coast to Coast 2016-2017

This underwater cycling class relies on the natural resistance of water for a stimulating, cellulite-reducing session, making the low-impact workout a favorite among willowy Parisian expats.

Water Works at Chelsea Piers
Improve your cardio endurance, strength, and flexibility at this class, which takes place in a 25-yard-long indoor pool with views of the Hudson River.

The Standard
After a day spent sipping on Caipirinhas poolside, stroll over to the beach and take a moonlit paddleboarding class.

WaterMan at Crossfit Santa Monica
At this gym started by two former Navy SEALs, WaterMan brings the rigors of CrossFit training to the pool for an extra-arduous workout. Drawing upon SEAL training, the class includes sprints, burpees, and kettle-bell lifting in the water.

h2om Sup
Pirouettes on the water? Paddleboarding meets ballet in this unique workout, which promises to fine-tune large and small muscle groups alike atop local lakes, rivers, and pools.

Aqua Yoga at the Phoenician
Practice your flow and work on your six-pack in this 45-minute class held in the scenic pool of the Phoenician resort. The natural moving currents of the water will force you to engage your core deeply to hold traditional poses like Utkatasana and Warrior.



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